Wayland Reeves, Senior Training Coordinator
Training News
March 2010 - Pinedale Solutions launched "Cyber University." Our 100% computer based training, with great student feedback.

Late 2012 - For IPhone users, Pinedale Training Solutions launches smart phone application for students.

1st Quarter 2012 - Student requested (7) additional automation training modules.
Automation Training For Our Industry
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Training courses and programs designed to provide you essential knowledge of equipment and system to help your safe, reliable and routine maintenance for your assets.
Our Pinedale Solutions Team has been training the oil and gas industry personal for more than 25 years. With 19 different training modules currently available via Cyber University, industry students are training at their own pace. List of 2012-14 Modules

From the classroom, to the field, Pinedale has a training plan to fit your needs. Offering field and classroom training courses alike.  Cyber U allows the student to be trained via the Internet, at their own pace, and without costly travel expenses.