Efficient Access to Remote Data Anytime, Anywhere.

Pinedale Technologies iConnect is a full featured web-based data management service that enables the collection, analysis, and storage of data transmissions via cellular modem, radio, or satellite. A combination of web-based service, Pinedale iConnect provides data for analysis and download from any computer with an Internet connection. Plans start at $24.95 per month, no long term contracts.

Pinedale iConnect is ideal for any application where data from one or more sites needs to be aggregated and displayed securely online in an easy to understand format. Communication's site hardware is included in all packages. 

Pinedale Technologies brings together all the necessary field staff and monitoring equipment to bring the complete  remote solution's to our end users and resellers.
Data iSolutions
iConnect is one of many service options avaiable to our clients through our Pinedale Service Suite. Contact a Project Manager at 866.964.9991 or visit Request Form to find out more.
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Pinedale iConnect Service
  • 100% North American Coverage Area
  • Low cost Alarm Notification plans with guaranteed service reliability.
  • A dedicated Pinedale Project Manager is provided at no additional cost.
  • Remote Notification via Text, Email or Voice for Datalogger Functionality.
  • Build in Trending & Graphing Capabilities. Plans include Unlimited Free Support and a one-on-one iConnect Overview 30 minute training course.
  • Contact a Pinedale Technologies' Monitoring Project Manager  for more details.

Remote Datalogger
Tank Monitoring
Stationary or Portable Application's
DC Power Monitoring
Control Systems
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      Pinedale Technologies' continued to work with our partners to expand on our monitoring service. (VCO) Voice Call Out Alarm & All-Clear Notifications.
  • The Optional (VCO) Service is in addition to our standard text and email notification service.
  • What is our new VOC Service? Voice Message Contains complete alarm notification information Site Name, Channel Name & Reading Report.
  • (VCO) Recipients are Called in the order setup by client, with Alarm Acknowledgement.
  • Web-based Detailed History on call out acknowledgement. Displays how alarm was acknowledged; by voice or phone keypad. Also if call was answered with automated answering machine, or even if initially answered and then connection lost.
  • Multiple site Call-Outs to the the same number is possible. Good for use with an on-call phone. 
  • Contact a Pinedale Technologies' Monitoring Project Manager  to add (VCO) service to your current plan or for Detailed Information on our VCO service.