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Pinedale Power system allows the client to view your system production data online. More importantly, Pinedale Power system continuously monitors your solar performance to ensure it is operating within spec, while providing web-based trend data & notifications. Utilizing the PT1700 Remote Terminal Unit makes this all possible. In the unlikely event that your solar system malfunctions, the PT1700 RTU unit will alert immediately off site and provide 24/7 local & web based data readings.

Monitoring System Performance At A Glance

Local LCD Display
Stationary or Portable Solar Systems
Web-Based Data Reporting
Online Live Data Trending
Unlimited Notification's / SMS Text or E-mail
On-Grid / Off-Grid Solar Systems
Real-Time Power Data Trending
Reliable Global Service
(2) Year Limited Warrenty

The PT1700 RTU hardware continuously tracks the clients system's key performance metrics and displays how much energy your system is producing throughout the day, week, month and year. All data is viewable, with trending via Pinedale web interface. Exporting to Microsoft Excel is also built in. Client can check your system readings at anytime, from accessing their individual online account which includes your iPad™ ,iPhone™, Blackberry® and any internet-enabled devices.

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Pinedale Power Monitoring Service
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All this is done with the PT1700 RTU unit, which utilizes a compact satellite modem. PT1700 RTU is a full featured web based data hardware collector. System data is collected locally and pushed to web site. Client is then able to log in, using account username/password creditentals. Active alarm is sent to the client’s e-mail and/or SMS text enabled device, along with displaying alarm details to website for future client history-trend review.

PT1700 RTU is a perfect fit for portable or stationary solar applications. With the addition of live web-based GPS Satellite coverage. Harsh weather conditions have no effect on our PT1700 RTU notification hardware. With normal event readings & alarm notification, sent on average of 1 minute, from time of local remote generation.

All PT1700 RTU notification hardware systems come with access account that includes, unlimited usernames & passwords for website access. The service level of these web accounts can be set by the client. Supervisors may have different access levels
then routine contract personal.

Pinedale Technologies' notification communication packages include PT1700 RTU Satellite
Modem, Coax Cable, Global Omni Directional Satellite Antenna. Custom notification packages
available upon request.

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  service monitoring. For more information please contact us below.

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